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TraditionAnd qualityfrom the1996

Euronut s.p.a. was born in1996from the desire of its founding members to invest in the resources of their territory, enhancing one of themmost important products: the hazelnut. A happy combination of tradition, skills and innovation that has led to the creation of a modern and constantly evolving company. Started from the sole processing ofhazelnuts, over time Euronut spa has introduced new products such ashazelnut paste, isemi-finished almond products,pistachio, with which it extended its offer, quickly becoming a point of reference for customers in the confectionery industry, but also in the beverage sector.Sustainabilityethics and the environment are the basis of our company's philosophy, as is the development of processes based onquality and safety of our products.


Euronut certifications

Euronutis committed to providing to its customersfood safety and high quality products, firmly following the principles of its corporate philosophy. 
Discover our certifications!

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THEnosthree products

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Among ourshazelnut-based products, there is no shortage of toasted hazelnuts, chopped hazelnuts and hazelnut paste. It is produced in the Avellino areathe best quality hazelnut of Italy which we at Euronut then expertly transform into a rich assortment of semi-finished products for the industry.

mandorle euronut


Our company works in a natural way, fully preserving the truthessence of the product. Ours are certainly no exceptionalmondswhich are processed to obtain different consistencies, based on the types of use, includingtoasted almonds, chopped almonds and almond paste.

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Based on our over twenty years of experience in the production of hazelnut paste, we have developed new pastes such as pistachio. THEtoasted pistachios they are ground and refined to produce pistachio paste which can be adapted to many different applications. Ours is also very goodgrain

Our markets

Euronut s.p.a. exports its ownproducts all over the world, companies from different realities choose us for the quality and attention to our production.

We currently export to:

northern Europe

ASEAN Market

Eastern Europe

North Africa

North America

Middle East


Registered office

Via per Nola, 80 - 80030 San Paolo Bel Sito (NA)



Via Santa - 83020 Sperone Industrial Area (AV)



+39 081 8259172


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