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Euronut, semi-finished productshazelnuts,almondsAndpistachios

From the1996,tradition,qualityand respect forterritory

Euronut s.p.a. was born in1996from the desire of its founding members to invest in the resources of their territory, enhancing one of themmost important products. . A happy combination of tradition, skills and innovation that has led to the creation of a modern and constantly evolving company. 

Not onlyhazelnuts

Started from the sole processing ofhazelnuts, over time Euronut spa has introduced new products such ashazelnut paste, isemi-finished almond products,pistachio,macadamia and cashew, with which it extended its offer, quickly becoming a point of reference for customers in the confectionery industry, but also in the beverage sector. The expansion and diversification of the production range, the use of cutting-edge technologies and the commitment of a specialized team today allow Euronut tocrossthenational borders and conquer important spaces also in foreign markets. 

Solidroots, look atfuture

A growth that occurred without ever denying ivalueswhich have decreed its success: tradition, quality, research, innovation and respect for the territory. Young and dynamic reality butdeeply linked to its roots, Euronut s.p.a. pursues the objective of adequately satisfying each individual customer, always ensuring excellence, transparency and attention to every need.

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